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I can tell you it was bad.
My car was engulfed in flames...

In May of 2013 I was young, strong, and healthy. I had just turned twenty-three years old. Despite my age, I was extremely purpose-driven and strove daily to pursue the calling God had placed on my life. My ultimate goal was to travel the world and inspire people as a children’s pastor and traveling evangelist and entertainer. But one day, in a matter of moments, I nearly lost all of it.


The morning of Friday, May 31, 2013 was just like any other morning. My alarm woke me up, I jumped into the shower, grabbed some breakfast, and drove to church to start my workday. On Fridays, I was in persistent study mode for the upcoming Sunday service. During lunch that day, I was scheduled for a meeting to discuss an upcoming juggling and comedy performance for the following weekend at the Red Skelton Performing Arts Center in Vincennes, Indiana.


The meeting went well. Everyone was excited about the upcoming performance. While trying to contain my excitement, I drove back to my church office to finish up the rest of the day. On the way back to my office, I found myself stopped at a red light. While stopped, I was rear-ended by a large box truck traveling at full highway speed (60–65 mph). My car was engulfed in flames.


I don’t remember anything after the collision. I can tell you that it was bad, and I could have been killed. Yet instead of my life coming to an end that day, I like to think that it was when it all began.

What Are People Saying?

“I’ve known Cody for years. His resilience and purpose following an injury that was so devastating, no one gave him a chance of survival. Like Cody, I was burned beyond recognition in Vietnam and had to return from the brink of death. His story is compelling and inspiring. I relate to his amazing parallel of physical scars that mimic the spiritual and emotional scars that restrict our progress toward recovery. A must read, to say the least.”

Dr. Dave Roever

President and CEO of OPERATION WARRIOR RECONNECT US Navy Special Warfare Command. Vietnam

“I can’t stop raving about Scar Release to family, friends, and colleagues. From trails to triumphs, from a victim to survivor, from despair to hope, Cody shares his story in an enlightening, empowering and engaging manner that will invoke change and courage in any reader. Everyone should take the time to read this book.”

Dustin K. Wise, MBA., MHCL,

President and CEO, The Wise Foundation
Chief Operating Officer, Preferred Pediatric Health Care. Author of Don’t Allow Your Scars to Determine Your Destiny

“In this book, Cody teaches us that our scars are NOT meant to be shamefully hidden in the shadows. They are divine reminders of what we have powerfully survived. Cody’s recovery is certainly proof that miracles do exist. However, the greatest miracle (in my opinion) is the global transformation Cody has chosen to inspire with his scars.”

Dr. Sean C. Stephenson

Professional Speaker, Therapist, and Author of Get Off Your But

“When Cody Byrns’ world was rocked by a fiery crash that left him with devastating burn injuries over 37% of his body, he began the fight of his life. His story of miraculous recovery through hard work, the support of his faith, loving family, and medical team will inspire the reader to say, “I 2 CAN Overcome!” A must-read proving that “Attitude really is everything!” You will be inspired!”

Ruth Brubaker Rimmer, PhD, CLCP

Burn Psychologist/Researcher

“Burns are a forever problem. The individual who has sustained a burn must show patience, true grit, and faith in order to not only survive, but to thrive. Cody Byrns demonstrated all of these qualities and so much more.”

Rajiv Sood, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Chief of Plastic Surgery & Medical Director at The Richard M. Fairbanks Burn Center in Indianapolis, IN

“Cody’s testimony is like none other. His life-changing story is one of courage and commitment.”

Rev. Matt Roever

Vice President of the Roever Foundation

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